Seidensticker with a new store concept

Sep 18, 2018

The Seidensticker brand is continuing its systematic strategic shift – a completely revamped store design concept now complements the chosen path.

The new identity is pioneered by the store in Roermond in the Netherlands, which has sported the new look since August 23, 2018. On 2,150 square feet, materials in a variety of different aesthetics and colors come together – from high-class marble and polished steel to painted surfaces and natural wood. Clear, minimalist lines and shapes in a gallery-like environment shape the new look of the store. The modular layout offers flexible possibilities to curate the collection – always focusing on the product.

The company considers the new shopfitting design as the ideal next step in the strategic shift of the brand and has deliberately chosen to collaborate with the German architect and product designer Philipp Mainzer to see it through. Mainzer is known for his progressive, consistent design and for his high standards of quality and authenticity. He relies on a minimalist look and clear forms, and stands for a blend of different materials coupled with special, sophisticated aesthetics.